It's all about the Sparkle

A little about us and why we do what we do 

The makings of the Sparkle Bin

Ashlee the own and creator of Ashlee Fay Designs has an awesome story about how she went from $54 to a company that is striving and empowering women everyday to follow their passion!  She used to make and sell custom tumblers but realized her true passion was in helping other women turn their DIY craft/hobby into income. She started to teach others how to make and sell their own tumblers, which turned into her selling the supplies, then adding a business academy. 

All of her glitters have empowering names and quotes to remind women how worthy they are. She wants to help inspire 1 glitter at a time. This sparkle bin is just another way to do that!  Taking out the beautiful glitters that tell women they are enough, or worth or a warrior makes it a magical experience. Its so much more than just a box of beautiful glitter. 

It truly means the world to us to empower others and this is just a small way to do that.